The Riverlands was a part of The Court of Swords covered in verdant farmlands and intersected by rivers. It was an important food source for the court before The Necromancer King began to conquer it.


Roughly ten years before the Time-Skip, a former Court of Swords soldier named Arrak val Khmaw began conquering the Riverlands, dubbing himself The Necromancer King. Aided by the forces of The Mara and a troupe of his fellow former soldiers, Arrak began conquering villages along the river and raising their inhabitants into undead. After the Time-Skip, the Necromancer King's conquest was still ongoing.

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Local legends indicated that a race of supposedly immortal creatures had been driving people from their homes and building strange structures out of the living wood of the jungle before the Necromancer King's conquest. These creatures were supposedly beautiful, and possessed long, curled ears.

Elephants are revered by the people of the Riverlands for the important role they have in society. Beasts of burden, they form life-long bonds with their riders, known as Mahouds. They live long lives, dying from old age or disease, normally retreating to secret places in the jungle to die. This reverence is not shared by those of other Courts. Poachers sometimes enter the Riverlands to kill elephants for their ivory.