The Hanged Man stands between Justice and Death and represents letting go. Having been through hardship, being judged for it, being seen for what you are and being exposed to the world, you move on from Justice to the Hanged Man which represents giving up on the things holding you back. The Hanged Man represents the reversal of fate, of being given your just rewards, which can sometimes mean execution - disciples of this Arcana are those that pull the lever when someone is hanged. It is also the Arcana of sacrifice and martyrdom and letting go of bad habits. Its followers constitute a catharsis cult - people drawn to serve The Hanged Man either have nothing and so nothing to lose, or those who regret the things they have such as rich people who divest themselves of all their belongings.

breaking patterns, a crisis, giving something up, burden


has ritual called "the letting go" it can be literal like sacraficeing money like an offering or you can confess a burden you no longer whish to have has 2 disciples deep throat hum and the cleric dips this finger into the ash and smears it on the throat of the recipient and hugs them close to have them whisper into the ear of the cleric their burden they wish to let go.

The Hanged Man
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XII The Hanged Man - Azriel