Adam Kobel

Evil Adam

Queer God
Level ∞ +1 ❤ 99 HP    ★ 99 AC
Strength Over 9000
Dexterity 10^100^1000
Constitution Olympian
Intelligence A Billion
Wisdom No one is Wiser
Charisma Sexy
Meta Knowledge
Player Skinnyghost
Episodes All of them
Combat Statistics
No Blows dealt No Wounds
No Kills Never KO'ed
0% Hit 0% Dodge
Initiative (avg.)
More Statistics


In the winter of 1983, something went terribly wrong.

Adam Koebel is the co-designer of award-winning tabletop RPG "DUNGEON WORLD". He's also a twitch streamer and GM of RollPlay, home of many exciting RPG properties like Swan Song and Court of Swords. He's the GM-in-Residence (oooh fancy) at

Adam listens to a lot of metal and his favourite Pokemon is probably Bulbasaur. He speaks just enough Japanese to make an ass of himself trying to talk about Kurosawa. He cares about how games can impact the human experience, about nihilism and about LGBTQ rights. He also cares about you.

Traits Edit

  • Tendency to kill players
  • Cute as Can be
  • Sexy Tattos
  • Queer (score)

Quotes Edit