captain of the guard. has pointed spear and tabbard that has a prow of a boat tiped up on a plain.

has a beautiful wife who is pregnant

met outside su fan tin one morning after slaughtering bandits

gives useful information on his commander and is given orders by the party to search for thuy and her brother.

he is given to the party by Commander Visal to help with the kobold problem

he is a very good man who even cares about the people he kills protects vel in battle since he goes down so much

is killed by kobolds as Giant Diseased Rat feast on his flesh and sadly dies in the kobold cave




war goat

Bad ass timesEdit

get 9 damage from koblods and is dieing but rolls a 20 like a boss and just gets right back up gets hit in the head with a rock and gets knocked out again

he is thankfully saved by Velimir Cetrovic

Past AppearancesEdit

stays with the party from episode 4 - episode 6