No more encounter based XP - if you fight something for no reason, you’re not rewarded for it.

Goal and Quest based XP - a goal is a player set objective, a quest is a NPC set objective. Goals apply to individual PC’s Quests apply to the entire group

Each character has three Goals Slots, which can be filled with a Goals to achieve. Such as:

  • “I will discover an artifact proving that the farang exist.”
  • “I will convince the local police captain that the House of the Falcon was haunted by a vampire.”
  • “I will free myself from my bonds of slavery.”
  • “I will kill the dragon that Lurks in Darkness.”

The GM assesses the difficulty of the goal, and assigns it an category: “Easy, Hard, Deadly” based on narrative likelihood they’ll succeed, obstacles in the way. etc.

Category of the goals is equated to a XP value. achieving the goals means getting the XP.

GOALS: XP values are Encounter Difficulty*3 in XP value

QUESTS: XP values are Encounter Difficulty*4 in XP value

Same goes for Quest, the difficulty is similarly adjusted and the source is external.

  • “Go to the tower of Hell’s Fury and Kick the Wizard in his Butt.”

Attempting to accomplish a goal of quest and failing means no XP, too bad, you failed. This is not a XP for failing model.

Goals can be changed at the start of the session or abandoned at any time.

If a goals is resolved during a session, you don’t just get to write a new one.

THE POINT: the player now have a method for telling ME what they want in the game and mechanically invest the players via their characters in the game itself.


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