Su fan tin
Sự phồn thịnh was a town within The Riverlands. The town was destroyed during the rise of the Necromancer King


The town had a population of 2,000 people.


The town's defenses consisted of bout 50 trained soldiers, members of a local militia, plus defensible walls of stone reinforced with wood to protect against monsters from the local jungle. Rough one third of the town's militia were goat riders. The town was also surrounded by a low wooden wall mounted with sharp spikes.


A local Ayodom family runs the town, with a council of family heads who assist in administrative matters. The council consisted of the King of Sự phồn thịnh, the Queen of Sự phồn thịnh, Commander Visal, and the Page of Sự phồn thịnh.


Sự phồn thịnh was built where the river crosses the major local road, and as such saw both land and water traffic. It was a relatively major trade hub for the province, and had most basic supplies readily available. The town had at least one inn, owned by a man named Yen. Sự phồn thịnh's most important trade good was rice.


Family organizations around certain trades within the town had grown into pseudo- guilds. The town’s fortuneteller, a third-gender named Apinya, was well revered and studied at the College of A Thousand Fountains in Brasat Kiem. She technically served the King of Sự phồn thịnh but is officially a public servant.


Built on top of an ancient stonework like most habitations in the Riverlands, the town had a single large temple that served many of the more popular Arcana (The Emperor, The Empress, Justice, the Wheel of Fortune and The World) and a handful of shrines to those less popular (Temperance, The Chariot, The Hanged Man). A small library served as a Wizard’s School, though were were no apprentices being trained there during the period of the show. The town had a fort (the local family estate).The fort was a stone building that appeared like a shark's fin coming out of the water from one angle, but looked like the prow of a stone boat from another angle. The fort was made of stone carved to resemble wood. Mmost of the fort was underground. Written on the side of the fort was the word "Prosperity", written in the ancient language. Across from the fort was a training yard where Commander Visal trained new recruits.



"Sự phồn thịnh" means Prosperity in Vietnamese.