Kobolds are small humanoids infesting portions of The City of Brass, The Court of Coins, and The Court of Swords.


Kobolds are described as a humanoid mix between and rat and a small crocodile. Though seen as vermin, kobolds are deceptively sharp.


Sorcerers have been seen among kobold packs, capable of controlling fiery magic. A group of them apparently had some form of relationship with a wyvern- their tribal shaman wearing one of its shed skins. Groups of kobolds have been spotted in The Riverlands and the The Xu Lin valley in The Court of Swords, as well as in The Court of Coins. Several years ago, there was a bad kobold infestation in one of the abandoned districts of The City of Brass. Although the infestation was cleared out, a number of kobolds still exist in the Hulsoo district.