Fishing village
Fishing village 2
A Human settlement on the banks of a tributary of the great river that flows through the jungles of the Court of Swords. Its name, if it has one, is not recorded in the official documentation of the Court. It consists of many wooden houses on stilts to avoid floodwaters. As in every other

settlement in the Court of Swords, the family structure consists of a King and Queen, non-gender specific mother- and father-figures, with the eldest children taking the positions of Knight and Page. Together with aunts and uncles, grandparents and grandchildren, they cluster in families around this group of four. There are less than a hundred people in the village. The only stone building is the temple. Dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the World, is covered in carvings and scarred in many places where the river has risen over the years. There are docks, to which flat-bottomed boats are tied. The village is quiet. Everyone is dead, save for two children.

The unnamed Fishing Village was a riverside village in The Riverlands.


Zephyra Awen, Baern Hillstern, and Velimir Cetrovic, investigated the village after it failed to pay its taxes for a prolonged time. When the magistrates arrived, they found it to be infested with undead and the servants of the Necromancer King.


The village was built around a central marketplace, and contained a temple, docks, and a harbor. The village had a population of less then 100 people before the Necromancer King attacked.


The village was infested with undead when the magistrates arrived. These included, disembodied hands, zombies, and skeletons. Servants of the Necromancer King were also present in the village. The only survivors of the village were two children, Thuy and Saum nang.